Ant QueenEdit

Ant Queen is the second boss in Terratravels. She will be a pain, because of the healing and the antlings, which if not dealt with, can kill you. Ant Queen is best fought at the surface, since she cannot climb the walls.

HP: 3,000

Attack (Contact): 40

12 Defense


Ant Queen summons 2-7 Antlings to kill the Player.

Antling: 70 HP 15 Attack (Contact) 10 Defense


35 Damage

Poison SpitEdit

Deals 45 Damage over 9 seconds. Players hit will have a 30% Chance to cause the player to have the Debuff Slight Sickness


28 Damage Restores 1000% of the Damage done.

Summoned ByEdit

Ant King Doll summons Ant Queen. It is crafted with 25 Fabric, 15 Silver Bar, 50 Spiral Wood. It can also be bought from Merchants for $1,500. Shruboom must be defeated however.


Insecta Pieces


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