There are currently 10 bosses in Terratravels. They are encountered in many ways. You can create boss summoners, activate certain interactibles, and talk to certain NPC's.


Shruboom (1st Boss):Edit

Shruboom is the 1st boss in Terratravels, and the easiest. It is summoned by Gardener's Scissors. Shruboom throws Bombs at the player, which is it's only non-contact form of damage. It will rise walls when the player gets close. It will also heal itself by using photosythnesis. It's best fought at night time, seeing as it cannot use Photosynthesis unless it's day time.

Ant Queen (2nd Boss):Edit

Ant Queen is the 2nd Boss in Terratravels, and arguably easier than Shruboom. She is summoned by Ant King Doll. Ant Queen will Claw at the enemy, and out of all her moves, it deals the most damage at once. Poison Spit Deals 5 DPS over 9 seconds, meaning 45 over 9 seconds. Bite deals damage and heals. She is best fought at the surface at day, because she will take 1 damage per second during day, and she can't climb on walls in the surface.

Party Skeleton (3rd Boss):Edit

Party Skeleton is the 3rd Boss in Terratravels. He is summoned by Party Invitation. He is the hardest to dodge, seeing as all his attacks are Area Damage. Like all bosses, he is best fought with an arena. Confetti Burst deals damage in all directions, and has a large range. Bone Bulk increases his defense +6. Ground Bash deals damage to all players connected to the ground, knocking them back greatly.

Comissioner Nodrog (4th Boss):Edit

Comissioner Nodrog is the 4th Boss in Terratravels. He is summoned by spilling donuts in the Police Department Dungeon. He will bring your health VERY low when he uses his attacks in a combo. Gun 'n' Run will shoot bullets around like crazy for 15 seconds. 2 Guns will shoot two bullets. Jump Gun will jump higher than normal, and shoot a strong bullet.

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