Shruboom is the first boss in the game. It is the easiest boss in the game. It will be best fought in night time, as it cannot heal itself for Major health.

HP: 1,800

Attack (Contact): 30

8 Defense

Shrub BombEdit

28 Damage Shruboom will throw a bomb that destroys a block from 1x1 to 7x7. Bombs will destroy your world. Shrub Bomb is used once every 3 seconds after being damaged. Or, if not damaged for 7 seconds, Shruboom will throw a bomb. When Shruboom reaches 600 HP, it will throw bombs 1.5 seconds after being damaged. When not damaged for 3.5 seconds he will throw bombs. 30 seconds after using Photosynthesis, bombs will deal 46 damage. If there are walls, Shrub Bomb will deal 37 Damage, and not destroy blocks. You can use walls to your advantage. To make him not destroy blocks, although he will deal more damage. Be careful when doing this tactic.


17 Damage Shruboom will rise walls 1x8, slowing down the player's access to Shruboom. The walls last 7 seconds. Walls will knock the player into the air if they're on it, dealing damage only if they're on it. The player is also stunned for 3 seconds while after landing from being knocked up. It is advised you be close to Shruboom when throwing the bomb. It will deal 20, 29 or 38 damage to him, depending on the move he recently used.


Heals Shruboom by 200 over 5 seconds. Can only use if daytime. Repeated Synthesis can make Shruboom almost impossible to kill.

Summoned ByEdit

Gardener's Scissors are used to summon Shruboom. They are made with 15 Nickel Bars and 20 Tin Bars. Or you can find them in the Gardener's Mansion, on the desk near the bed in the master bedroom.


Glowing Twig


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