Weapons are used to damage enemies, NPC's, and other organisms.

Weapon ListEdit


Rank Name of Weapon

Crafting Station

Ingredients Brand Successor Precessor
12 1 Dagger Anvil 15 Iron Bars, 50 Rough Wood None Vexxel Dagger None
17 1 Slicer Anvil 2 Daggers, 5 Iron Bars None Vexxel Cutter None
24 1 Slammer Anvil 40 Iron Bars, 70 Rough Wood None Vexxel Smasher None
15 1 Wooden Bow Crafting Table 35 Rough Wood, 5 String None Vexxel Bow None
7 ??? Wooden Gun Crafting Table 25 Rough Wood, 250 Wood Planks NYPD None None
15 2 Vexxel Dagger Glowing Table Dagger, Glowing Coverings, $200 Vexxel Loit Dagger Dagger
21 2 Vexxel Cutter Glowing Table Slicer, Glowing Coverings, $200 Vexxel Loit Slicer Slicer
28 2 Vexxel Smasher Glowing Table Slammer, Glowing Coverings, $200 Vexxel Loit Smasher Slammer
20 2 Vexxel Bow Glowing Table Bow, Glowing Coverings, $200 Vexxel Loit Bow Bow
20 3 Loit Dagger Insecta Anvil Vexxel Dagger, Insecta Pieces, $350 Loit Vilbone Dagger Vexxel Dagger
25 3 Loit Slicer Insecta Anvil Vexxel Cutter, Insecta Pieces, $350 Loit Vilbone Slicer Vexxel Cutter
33 3 Loit Smasher Insecta Anvil Vexxel Smasher, Insecta Pieces, $350 Loit Vilbone Smasher Vexxel Smasher
23 3 Loit Bow Insecta Anvil Vexxel Bow, Insecta Pieces, $350 Loit Vilbone Bow Vexxel Bow
26 4 Vilbone Dagger Bonevil Loit Dagger, Big Bone, $500 None NYPD Shortstop Loit Dagger
31 4 Vilbone Slicer Bonevil Loit Slicer, Big Bone, $500 None NYPD Metalcut Loit Slicer
40 4 Vilbone Crusher Bonevil Loit Smasher, Big Bone, $500 None NYPD Nailer Loit Smasher
29 4 Vilbowne Bonevil Loit Bow, Big Bone, $500 None NYPD Stringshot Loit Bow

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